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People always ask me ďWhatís wrong with you? Why in the world would anyone want to punish themselves climbing some of the highest mountains in North America, much less a woman?Ē Then I answer them, ďWhy Not?Ē I suppose itís hard to understand why anyone would want to climb a 14er, but once you have, itís an experience like no other.

I maintain it doesnít matter if youíre a man or a woman, climbing 14ers is tough. I personally have made it back to the car after climbing one, only to cry and throw up and vow never to climb another. But other times after a climb, I felt great and wanted to do another one the very next day. Thatís what is so wonderful about climbing these magnificent mountains. Every mountain is a new adventure, every one of these mountains has its own personality, its own unique features and even its own smell. Itís hard to describe what it feels like climbing a14er and harder to describe what is feels like being on the summit of one of these majestic mountains with an unimaginable 360 degree view. To me itís worth the hard work and sacrifices I have made to climb these mountains. I truly believe I am a better person from all the lessons the mountains have taught me. So if you are considering climbing a 14er or you have climbed many, I hope you always remember to respect the mountain.


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