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Plan your stay in Telluride with:

Telluride Visitor Center Main Street Webcam

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The Weather in Telluride

Welcome to Telluride

Telluride is a really neat place. I would have like to have been around back in the day when all the rowdy miners were up at the Sheridan Mine fighting over claims or maybe catching a glimpse of Butch Cassidy. The town boomed when the railroad came through in the 1890 but in 1893 when the silver prices crashed everyone scattered and only few stuck around. It wasn’t until 1973 when the Telluride ski resort opened that things changed again for the better.

Today skiing, biking and hiking are huge here with so many acres to explore it’s mind boggling. Great people, great food...what are you waiting for? Telluride, in my opinion is the bike crusier capital of the world some of the coolest cruisers are here. World class skiing and snowboarding in winter...the Wilson group, mountain biking, 4 wheelin' in the summer.

Check it out! It’s a Blast!

Map and Satellite Image from WikiMapia of Telluride Area


Where to stay in Telluride

Hotel Telluride
What a cool place to stay in the winter or the summer. I bet back in the day they didn’t have a place like this. This 59 room Inn is both intimate and grand. The lobby alone is gorgeous. A complimentary full breakfast buffet. The spa has a steam shower and two outdoor spa tubs. The beds are so comfortable you’ll have to have someone drag you out in the morning.
(you won’t have to count sheep here)

Telluride Mountainside Inn
This is a cute little place. This resort is within walking distance to shopping and dining. They have a spa tub located next to the river. Enjoy the feel of the real outdoors and you don’t have to sleep in a tent. The have both standard rooms and suites so you can cook your own meals.
(Fill your lungs with the crisp fresh Colorado air)

Ice House Lodge
Jeff and I love to stay here when we travel to Telluride. They have very comfortable and quiet rooms. Restaurant and bar/lounge on the 2nd floor, continental breakfast, indoor/outdoor pool.
(They call it the Ice House but we found it warm and cozy)

Plan your stay in Telluride with:

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