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Strength Endurance / Strength Training

Strength Endurance is also very important in climbing 14ers. It basically simulates hiking with the loads (daypacks) we carry in the mountains. Getting your back and legs into shape is just as important as your heart and lungs. Begin with a light weighted pack it’s a great workout and will help in the strengthening of your legs and core. Keep up your distances from your endurance training and start adding weight gradually to your pack to keep your body challenged. Eventually you will build up to being ready for the goals you have set.

Strength training can benefit you not only on the 14ers but on all your sports and recreational activities. Strength training will complement and increase the benefits of your other types of training. There is no substitute for a strong muscle and skeletal base, nor for a solid core. If you are finding yourself interested in doing harder rock climbing, you’ll benefit tremendously from stronger arms, back and abs.

A general, total body strength plan doing squats, lunges (other leg exercises), lats and back, ab and arm exercises is easy to implement at any gym. Ask the trainers for help if you are unclear about exercise. If you have some free space and a little experience working out, you have a lot of options for putting together a home gym. If you have the motivation to stay with a program at home, you’ll probably save money over gym membership fees. If you decide to purchase your own home gym, make sure and follow all instructions and safety recommendations supplied by the manufacturer. If you’ve never worked out before, it would be a good idea to go to a gym first and learn some specific exercises and fundamentals before putting together a home gym.

People are different…some thrive on the convenience of a home gym, others require the social, supportive and even sometimes competitive aspects of a health club. You need to figure out what works for you.

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