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14er Fun's Sleeping Bag Reviews and Recommendations

Don’t you think it’s time to get rid of that Old Bag?

No...you probably won't need an Eddie Bauer Karakoram for a nap in the afternoon sunshine like the above photo, but if you're going to be spending nights out at the trailhead or in the backcountry, you'll need a good sleeping bag.

The new sleeping bags today offer you so much more. They are lighter, warmer and a lot more comfortable. It’s nice to know after a day on the trail you can look forward to tucking yourself in for a good night's sleep. There are bags for cool weather or warmer weather and there are so many sizes of bags you can surely find one to custom fit your body. Don’t forget, getting a good nights rest is the key to a fun and successful trip.

You can choose from down or synthetic bags. The newest synthetics carry a temperature rating per weight ratio that is almost as good as down. Synthetic bags are typically much less expensive than down bags, but nowhere near as compressible. Remember that when down gets wet, it loses almost all of its insulating function whereas synthetic fibers will still insulate when wet, although to a lesser degree. With all of that said, nothing beats an 800+ fill power down sleeping bag…cozy!! Warmth, weight, compressibility vs. cost and function when wet…the choice is yours.

If this is your first sleeping bag purchase, ask yourself the following questions:

  • In what type of conditions do I intend to camp?
  • Am I a cold sleeper or a warm sleeper
  • Do I mind carrying an extra pound or am I obsessed with ultralight?
  • Do I have room in my pack for a synthetic bag or do I need the compressibility of down?
  • Do I intend to get by with just one bag or will I eventually own two (a summer bag and a winter bag)?
  • Will I be doing snow caving or extreme mountaineering where there is a possibility of my sleeping bag getting wet?

Make sure to take your time in choosing a bag that’s right for you.

Here are the bags we like...

Jeff just loves his Western Mountaineering® MegaLite 30 Degree 850+ Down Sleeping Bag. He tucks it into his bivy sack and is warm, cozy and comfortable for his long night sleep. This bag by itself will keep you warm and toasty down to 30ļF. A great quality bag and super light. The regular size is 1 lb 8 oz and the long is only 1 lb 9 oz. Western Mountaineering uses only the best 850+ fill power European goose down. Youíll stay warm without cooking your goose. Jeff says this bag is a keeper.

Theyíre saying great things about the Marmot Pinnacle Sleeping Bag. This 3 season, 15ļF mummy bag is made of the highest quality materials. A 20D DWR-coated nylon shell helps keep the 800+ fill down nice and dry and it sports a super warm foot box. The regular weighs in at 2 lb 6 oz. You wonít need your mummy on the nights you spend in this sleeping bag.

Ladies…you’ll love this Big Agnes Ethel Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Down - Women's made just for women. It has a little more room in the hip area and extra insulation in the foot box and core area. It comes with a sleeve on the bottom of the bag to fit in a Big Agnes sleeping pad, never roll off your padding again. Enjoy sleeping outdoors again. The petite bag weighs 3 lb 6 oz and the regular weighs 3lb 10 oz.

Stay warm in this Mountain Hardwear Phantom Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Down . This bag offers great versatility and gets great reviews from both men and women. Stay warm in the coolest of temperatures while not over heating in the warmer climates. Made with high quality materials and is extremely lightweight at 1 lb 12 oz for the small and 1 lb 15 oz for the regular. You've got to check this one out!

King Tutt would have been comfortable in this The North Face Dark Star Sleeping Bag: -40 Degree Polarguard . This is the bag for you hearty adventurers or when it gets really cold...itís a mountaineers dream. Polarguard Delta still retains some insulating ability even when wet. The -40 degrees F rating is not an exaggeration...this bag is warm! It weighs 5 lbs and is worth its weight in gold when it comes to keeping you warm in freezing temperatures.

For our warm weathered friends we have the Marmot Pounder 40F Sleeping Bag Regular. This synthetic sleeping bag only weighs 1 pound for the regular size (I guess thatís where it gets itís name) The PrimaLoft fill holds its insulation qualities even when you get a little unexpected moisture. Great for summer hiking or bike tours and an outstanding value as well.

For excellent bargains on sleeping bags and
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Sweet Dreams !!

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