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Nothing is more miserable then spending time in a downpour without the appropriate gear. Getting soaked to the bone isn’t just miserable but very dangerous. We are very lucky today to have high-tech lightweight breathable jackets and pants for those unexpected downpours. They’re so light and compact they’ll fit in any small pocket, nook or cranny. We truly believe this is one of the most important pieces of gear that one can carry. You never know what kind of a mood you’ll find Mother Nature in. Always expect the unexpected. We would like to share a couple of recommendations that may help you in making your raingear choices.

For a brief summary of all raingear reviewed, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


Men’s Rain Jackets

Jeff is partial to his Mountain Hardwear Epic Jacket . This jacket is made for the elements and has truly performed well through many hard storms. Breathable, lightweight and water proof, this jacket has 2 venting mesh front pockets, 1 welded chest pocket and only weighs 13 oz. Don’t leave home without it.

Stay warm and dry in any bad weather situation while partaking in your favorite adventure in a The North Face Venture Jacket . Waterproof, breathable and lightweight at only 12.5 oz and the pit zips are great when you get just a little warm. The jacket stows away in its own left pocket. 2 hand pockets and a lifetime warranty.

This years upgrades version of the men's Marmot PreCip Jacket is awesome. 50% more waterproof and 20% more breathable. This dry touch technology is like no other. Stay dry and comfortable in the harshest weather out there. At 10 oz. you can stash it anywhere. When you need a little ventilation there are pit zips (cool!). This is a great jacket at a great price.

Women’s Rain Jackets

Debby has climbed over fifteen 14ers with her Marmot PreCip Jacket including an intense rain and hail storm in Chicago Basin. She was a little scared but stayed dry and warm and loves everything about it. It’s waterproof/breathable and very lightweight at only 12 oz. It has 2 hand pockets and is very durable and affordable.

You’ll be singing in the rain in this marvelous women’s The North Face Venture Jacket . This jacket is made of Hyvent DT fabric which makes it waterproof, breathable and lightweight. This fabric is tough enough to withstand the force of Mother Nature at her best. It has 2 hand pockets and when you want a little fresh air open up your pit zips. The Venture only weighs in at only 12 oz, has a lifetime warranty and boasts 5 star customer satisfaction.

Rain drops can keep falling on your head in this amazing Mountain Hardwear GTX 2.5 Jacket . Made with the best waterproof breathable laminate on the market. The plush lining inside helps keep in your body’s heat where it is needed most. This jacket comes with an internal water bottle pocket that helps keep a quart of water from freezing and keep your tunes stored in an internal music pocket. It’s a little heavier then the rest but has a whole lot more options. The choice is yours.

Women’s Rain Pants

It’s important to keep your bottom half dry too. These The North Face Venture Side Zip Pant are great if your find yourself in any questionable weather. The HyVent ripstop fabric is tough waterproof/breathable and light weight. They have 2 hand pockets and full side zips. These pants definitely now how to do their job. You’ve got to check ‘em out!

Keep your better half dry with the Patagonia Rain Shadow Pant . These pants keep out the elements and keep your warm and dry. Easy on and off that’s always a plus in our book and they weight next to nothing. You can laugh at the rain in these pants.

Hey! Don’t forget your pants! These Marmot PreCip Full Zip Pant are waterproof/breathable and only weigh in at 10 oz. You can take these anywhere from backpacking, alpine climbing or just to the mall. The full-length zippers are great when it’s time to pull them off over your boots. Stay protected from any type of wet weather.

Men’s Rain Pants

You’ll want these Marmot PreCip Full Zip Pant when the rain starts falling. They’re great for getting your pants off without having to take off your boots. Waterproof/breathable and on top of that…ultralight at only 10 oz! They have 2 hand pockets and 1 rear pocket. Don’t leave home without them.

Jeff once again is partial to the Mountain Hardwear Epic Pants . The Epic jacket and Epic pants make an epic combination. The pants are ultralight at only 7 oz. Waterproof, breathable, tough, light…what else do you want? Hey…nice pants!

Stay dry in these Patagonia Rain Shadow Pant . You can get these on and off in a moment's time and they weigh in at only 7.6 oz.. Simple, yet highly functional...your journeys will be dry and comfortable. Take a look!

Backpack and Camelbak rain Covers

Keep your items in your pack dry during rainstorms with the Outdoor Research HydroLite Pack Cover . This lightweight waterproof cover will keep your things dry from the elements and the elastic drawcord will help it fit tightly around your pack. Available in four sizes to accomodate packs ranging from 13 liters all the way up to over 80 liters. Dry is Good!

Camelbaks are great packs for a day hike or climb. Why not keep your stuff dry when an unexpected rain storm comes your way. The CamelBak Rain Cover is inexpensive, weighs next to nothing and will make you very happy when you need it. Two sizes work with various Camelbak models starting with the H.A.W.G. and ranging up through the Ethos and Kronos. A camel should be so lucky.

Dog Rain Gear

While you’re nice and dry think about your 4 legged friend. The Guardian Gear Dog Rain Coat with Reflective Stripe is waterproof and is easily removable. It truly is the cats meeeooww!

Here is a brief specification summary of the raingear reviewed:

Mountain Hardwear Epic Jacket - Men's   -  13 ounces
The North Face Venture Jacket - Men's   - 12.5 ounces
Marmot PreCip Jacket - Men's   - 10 ounces

Marmot PreCip Jacket - Women's   - 12 ounces
The North Face Venture Jacket - Women's   -  12 ounces
Mountain Hardwear GTX 2.5 Jacket - Women's   -  1 pound, 5 ounces, Gore Tex, additional features

The North Face Venture Side Zip Pant - Womens   -  13 ounces
Patagonia Rain Shadow Pant - Women's   - 8 ounces
Marmot PreCip Full Zip Pant - Women's   -  10 ounces

Marmot PreCip Full Zip Pant - Men's   -  10 ounces
Mountain Hardwear Epic men's rain pants   -  7.5 ounces
Patagonia Rain Shadow Pant - Men's   - 8 ounces

Outdoor Research HydroLite Pack Cover   -  4 sizes (13 - 85 liters)
CamelBak Rain Cover   -  2 sizes for packs ranging from HAWG up to Kronos

Guardian Gear Dog Rain Coat with Reflective Stripe  -  Don't forget Fido

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