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Link Exchange Management endeavors to be your one source of relevant information and links. The quick list of links for those of you who know where you want to go is on the left.

Keep yourself informed! For more detailed information and reasons
why we’ve listed the links we have please read below:

For weather check out The Weather Channel’s website. Independent forecast tracking sites have found it to be more accurate on average than NOAA and the NWS. Get to know the site and its features. For about $25.00 per year you can subscribe to GOLD which offers faster and better maps and allows you to set up several "favorite" locations to monitor. Becoming an amateur meterologist and paying to weather patterns accross the entire Rocky Mountain west will help improve your success rate in the mountains.


If any type of snow play is your game, info from the following links monitored throughout the winter season will help keep you safe from avalanches. Data alone is no substitute for field experience but it is an essential component in the equation.

Colorado Ski Country USA’s “statewide all inclusive” ski report:


Wolf Creek Ski Area’s ski report offers more detailed snowpack info for the southwestern part of  Colorado, while Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s ski report provides good data from northwest Wyoming. Comparing these two regularly throughout the winter gives you a good feel for the storms that have come from the Pacific northwest vs. the “El Niño” or “wintertime monsoon” storms that have blown up from the south. This info can help you decide whether going after Mt. Massive or Mt. Sneffels is the safer bet in April.


The Colorado Avalanche Information Center has recently improved their website in both content and presentation. It is a valuable source of general information regarding snow conditions in the high country throughout the state. It is just one source however and it should be used in conjunction with many other data sources, field training and good judgment. Weather Underground has assembled a table of current snow depths as reported by the Snotel monitoring stations throughout the state. These will give you statewide unbiased snow depth data.


For satellite photo based web maps, you now have several options. We’ve chosen WikiMapia for a number of reasons. You can add your own places which can then be verified by other users. You can incorporate the html code for the map pages into your own site. As a result, you also become part of a “web community”. We use WikiMapia in our own Alpinistic Tales and you can use them for your trip reports as well. Be sure to check out our Where To Stay page also. We offer info on current weather and conditions, webcams or links to webcams, WikiMapia satellite images and an extensive array of hotel recommendations for many places across the Rocky Mountain west.


For road conditions, we’ve included links to the Department of Transportions’ websites of four Rocky Mountain states: Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah. Each state has a different organization and presentation of data. All offer traffic cameras and info regarding conditions, alerts, restrictions and closures. We take you to different pages on each state’s site to display the differences between them as well as to highlight what we perceive to be their strengths.

   endorses and wholeheartedly recommends 2 professional photographers: James Pauly of MC Enterprises and Steve Marcantonio of Luminous World Photography. Many of the most impressive photos seen on this site were taken by Jim or Steve. They have been and continue to be companions on many of our adventures. Jim has traveled the world and offers an extensive collection of outdoor and documentary style photos. Steve is an award winning photographer and a published author. Both are experienced outdoor and backcountry enthusiasts.

            MC Enterprises

The primary objective of is to provide you with a single source of information relevant to mountaineering, skiing and backcountry adventure. Internet forums can be very useful for obtaining up to date information on routes, trailheads, conditions, partners, etc. One should not assume that everyone posting on a forum is an expert and certainly many of the topics found on internet forums are not relevant to hiking, climbing, skiing, backpacking, etc. We do however, recommend as an excellent source of accurate route descriptions and current conditions info on Colorado’s 14ers. offers perhaps the most extensive database available of technical routes (rock, ice, mixed) at various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Their Colorado section is unmatched. is the telemark and backcountry skiers forum of choice. It is an excellent resource for information on conditions throughout the Rocky Mountain west and for finding partners. is probably the best English language forum for world wide mountaineering information.


The following miscellaneous links are included here because we’ve found them to be useful. Grog’s Animated Knots for Climbers offers an excellent visual aid for those learning to tie most of the knots commonly used by climbers. is a tool to convert just about any unit of measure to just about any other. Do you want to know how high in feet is 6962m Aconcagua or how long in miles is that 18.5km trek? How about how thick in inches is your 9.4mm climbing rope or what is the capacity of your 50 liter pack in cubic inches? Check As for, this is far beyond mainstream and beyond the realm of what most of us will ever even try, but check out the is awesome.....pure entertainment!!

   aspires to share with the web community in a responsible and professional manner. We are interested in reciprocal, relevant, and responsible (the 3 R's) links. Link Exchange Management is a group of Webmasters helping webmasters develop high value relevant links. Promoting ethical web-marketing using the time trusted pillars of relevance and popularity.


Happy Surfing!

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