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Live life to the fullest -- What goes around comes around

I have been lucky enough to be inspired by so many people I have surrounding my life. I always thought I was the strong one the one to be able to help these people through difficult times and what I have come to find out is they have taught me just as much or more. I hope you have friends and family members that you inspire and I hope you have friends and family members who inspire you. Its amazing how one little spark of inspiration can start a fire in your soul.

I have an Aunt who lost her husband at a time where the kids were finally out of the house and they were looking forward to spending some quality time together. Just last month she was told she had cancer. She is determined to beat this horrible disease and I believe with her positive attitude and her will to live this stupid sickness doesn’t stand a chance.

I have a good friend who was a drug addict, an alcoholic and who was physically abused by a boyfriend when she was younger but today her love for herself, God and her family blows me away. She has shown me that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. She climbed a much different mountain then I ever have or ever will. It took her a lot of hard work determination and a strong will to fight for the life that she truly wanted for herself and her family.

I have a Grandmother who suffered through a very difficult childhood. She lost her teeth at an early age due to mal nutrition and who married at 13 years of age but for all the years I was lucky enough to have known her. I never remember a time where she said anything bad about anyone or anything and always had a smile on her face. Her faith and love for others was gushing from her pores.

These are just a few people who have given me the incentive, drive and encouragement to accomplish my goals and dreams and to live life everyday to the fullest. I sincerely hope you have people you can inspire and people who inspire you because it truly is something awesome.

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